Play Vga Planets on Windows 7
Play VGA Planets on Windows 7 How you can run VGA Planets WinPlan
on Windows 7 - 32 & 64 bit OS
To play this on your Windows 7 PC, the Professional or better version is needed.
Don't bother going further if you don't have that.
Windows 10 cannot run it at all.

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Note... all XP support stopped on April 8, 2014.
May 1, 2014 for a last critical security patch.
Due to the new, #1 most awesome oops on MS's part where
ALL their OS's are affected, they have released at least 1 more patch
search for this KB Security Update for OS types XP-Win8 (KB2964358)
This one sweet honey boo-boo is only eclipsed by the Y2K potential of badness.
You will still get all the updates available up to May 1 for XP
and also other newer updates that are for all OS types.
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Install XP Mode and Virtual PC
Search Microsoft for "XP MODE"
click "Installing and using Windows XP Mode"
Choose Windows XPMode_N as it doesn't have extra garbage content.

Next, download Virtual PC (KB958559)

Run the XP Mode download

It prompts for an update to download

it will prompt for an XP password then install XP Mode.
When in XP mode, do a Windows update to patch
any security issues
~4 update checks are needed.
i choose custom to not include stuff thats just not needed
if you choose express then you can expect 7 or more update checks needed.
it may 'stop working' on restart, just click xp mode to start it again.

5.Install your VGAP 3 (Winplan) game and go blast something.


Play VGA Planets on Windows 7
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next... RUNNING AUTOTROLL on Win 7
not possible on a 64 bit pc, that I have found, but will attempt it on 32 bit soon.
ISP issues are also getting in the way of email and ftp.